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We specialize on python Django web platform development. 15 years of proven experience in building digital products ranging form largest in the world marketplaces to corporate sites.

Custom software development

Large scale platforms development using python django, tailwind CSS, alpine.js, htmx frameworks. We package everyting in  docker containers, with statsd and prometheus for perfomance monitoring, loki for logging, grafana for alerting and monitoring, and git workflows for zero downtime deployment.

Django packages

Speed up development using our pre-made packages and template to build on. Back end user interactions reporting, emails sending, web scraping, pdf printing, CMS, CRM. You name it, we most probably will have it.


From small-scale to large-scale projects, our portfolio showcases our expertise and dedication to excellence


  • Co-Founder at PipelinePharma, Solution integration Director at FICO

    Tadas met or exceeded all criteria and was a very good hiring choice.


    The observed benefits were cloud costs decreased by about x3 times, new features being released every week vs once a month or longer (previously), productivity increase (eventually the problem became a lack of product managers, not the programmers), the platform improved in all qualitative parameters, especially in terms of stability, security and performance (x4 times).

  • Chief Marketing Officer at PipelinePharma, Full-stack B2B marketer with expertise in technology, data science & life science fields

    I highly recommend Tadas for any IT management role. With his extensive knowledge in both backend and frontend development, Tadas brings a unique perspective to tech solutions. He also has a deep understanding of business processes and strategy, and is very creative in finding optimal solutions that balance quality and cost.

  • Lead Web Developer at Voltas IT

    Tadas is a great manager! He always kept the team motivated and shared knowledge. His ability to deal with a crisis and come up with new ways to achieve results were always an inspiration. He is reliable and very goal-oriented, always open to discuss ideas and suggestions.

  • Lead UX/UI Designer at Voltas IT

    Tadas is enthusiastic and always focused on getting done what is needed to build value for the business. He has amazing technology skillset and organization-building abilities to execute his vision. But his most important goal is to make people around him more successful. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Tadas in Voltas IT.

  • Software Developer at Voltas IT

    While working with Tadas I have learned and improved in my professional field a lot and I can’t thank him enough. Great leader and teammate that is thoughtful, self-disciplined and true professional - a gem in a team that everyone would want. I’m happy that I had opportunity to work with You. All the best!

  • VP, Implementation and Support at DoubleVerify

    I had the pleasure of working with Tadas collaboratively on a few initiatives between our companies. He is dedicated professional and his work ethic always ensured continued progress. His quick response time and dependable nature was always appreciated. I would look forward to working with him again in the future if the opportunity came up.

  • IT Recruiter with 8 years of experience in the field

    Tadas is one of the best candidates I have interviewed. He is smart, ambitious and very enthusiastic about what he does. He is also highly business oriented, always thinking how his ideas can help ease people’s lives and save costs to business. Tadas has qualities of a natural born leader, so I have no doubts his career will be very successful.

  • Head of Business Unit - LMS

    I have worked with Tadas on intranet development project at SBA Group. In this project only I have noticed his strong orientation to business, openness sharing knowledge with fellow IT colleagues, patience while explaining technical nuances to non-technical people. Tadas is also extremely curious and enthusiastic about staying on-top of the industry news, which then enables him to give insights and solutions that are creative, forward-looking and based on hands-on experiences. I would definitely like to work with him in the future and with no doubt can recommend working with him for others.

  • Senior Product Manager

    I met Tadas at Adform where we were both Technical Product Managers and Product Management Leads. During my time there, I came to know him as a truly business-focused PM, focusing on outcomes, and not merely output. Tadas is confident in his decisions, yet accepting of others’ motivated opinions.

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Tadas Pikutis

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