Dovile Keleraite

Chief Marketing Officer at PipelinePharma, Full-stack B2B marketer with expertise in technology, data science & life science fields

I highly recommend Tadas for any IT management role. With his extensive knowledge in both backend and frontend development, Tadas brings a unique perspective to tech solutions. He also has a deep understanding of business processes and strategy, and is very creative in finding optimal solutions that balance quality and cost.

Tadas was a major contributor to the successful transformation of Pipelinepharma's core web system, resulting in improved performance and quality, and significantly better SEO results. His expertise has been invaluable in solving problems related to public-facing web applications, customer experience and data security.

Tadas is a goal-oriented, quick learner and works super effectively at implementing and deploying new technologies within the company. He can effectively explain complex technical concepts to non-technical individuals.

Tadas is also a pleasure to work with because he is helpful, intelligent, and open-minded.

Have no doubt that Tadas will excel in any IT management role and I highly recommend him for any future projects.

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