Gediminas Vedrickas

Co-Founder at PipelinePharma, Solution integration Director at FICO

Tadas met or exceeded all criteria and was a very good hiring choice.

Despite his role as CTO of Voltas IT, which created the WV car programming mobile app, Tadas has both leadership and strong programming, and technical skills, comprehensive knowledge of web and cloud technology stack, and full-stack development. He quickly researches, learns, and finds solutions to emerging challenges if he doesn't know something.

Tadas has a strong product mindset and excels in both the engineering role and provides valuable insights and suggestions related to the product. We found Tadas is very well suited for the Head of Engineering role.

When joined Pipelinepharma Tadas was able to turn the entire product platform upside down within a year (which was previously being developed for at least 5 years, starting from a local outsourcing team and ending with outsourcing team in Bangladesh) and not only changed the technology stack (to Python), including the cloud provider and the new platform's UI look and feel, but also solved problems that have never been solved before - security, GDPR, performance, stability, Continuous Integration / Continuous Development automated build and deployment pipeline, technical architecture simplification, weekly sprints, and many others. At the critical time for business Tadas took on the role of the leading Python developer which further improved the speed and the quality of the software delivery and has enabled rapid experimentation with business models.

The observed benefits were cloud costs decreased by about x3 times, new features being released every week vs once a month or longer (previously), productivity increase (eventually the problem became a lack of product managers, not the programmers), the platform improved in all qualitative parameters, especially in terms of stability, security and performance (x4 times).

In conclusion, Tadas is indeed one of the best technology professionals encountered in recent times.

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