Django packages

Reusability is the key to success

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, time is of the essence. 

That's why we offer a (nearly) complete solution to streamline your development process - pre made packages.

With our pre-made packages and customizations to tailor your business problems and needs, you can hit the ground running and supercharge your projects.

Solving a problem of tracking platform user action cookie-less? We have a package for that. Seamless integrations and stats available in google analytics, posthog, or any other system you may be using.

Trying to reach out your customers? Emailing part of CRM package will allow you to send scheduled sequences, track email responses, bounces, and with help of AI plan actions on campaign signals and outcomes.

Trying to hit that perfect 4x100 lighthouse audit score? Pages package with built in image optimizations will ensure that.

Logging time or items and invoicing for that - Work items package, with time tracking and auto invocing. 

Long story short - years of experience and good coding practices helped us to build quite vast package library. Let us help you to build your solution with them :)


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